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Why Professional DJ Entertainers are Key to your Wedding’s Success!

These days, it seems everyone is a DJ, a Photographer, a Videographer or a Wedding Planner. Every Bride and Groom knows someone who does one of these roles "on- the-side." Right?

My question is do you really want someone who does these jobs "On-the-Side" handling your Special Events or Big Day? I believe, you would say NO.

From a DJ’s point of view, the first thing Engaged Couples should realize is that you don’t want just any DJ at your wedding. You need a Wedding DJ Entertainer. Why?

Among other things, Wedding DJ/Entertainers are Insured, Experienced, Recommended, as well as having back-up equipment, professional equipment, team and services on-call for every event.


Wedding Entertainers take the time to sit down with you by either an in person consultation, conference call  to review your event in complete detail. A true Wedding Entertainer will make sure that names are pronounced correctly, titles are correct (perhaps your parents are remarried, there are various ways to introduce them), correct version of your song requests, and a detailed outline of how your formalities for the day will play out.

A Wedding Entertainer is on time for your event, dressed properly, introduces themselves to the facility’s staff test runs all equipment and helps set up the Bridal Party with the Maitre D’. Professionals also check in with the Newlyweds throughout the evening to make sure they don’t need anything or that they are happy.

Ordinary DJs just play music without interactions. Wedding DJ/Entertainers guide the married couple, their family and guests through a fun, energetic event. Professionalism and Customer Service play a part in the entire day. DJing the event is just a portion of it. Professionals know there is so much more!

You just can’t always get guys who work “on the side” to deliver service in a professional way, especially when it comes to weddings or corporate events . We have shown up  for event in blizzards and hurricanes. Professional DJs show up no matter what. It is an important day in our clients' life. We will not let them down. 

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