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How To USe DJ Software Tools For Cheap

I just used Serato Scratch Live for over 3 years for paltry $34. The tip  here involves listing and selling Serato SL1 close to what I paid for it after using the dj tool for three years. Also I once you the same method to resell Stanton Final Scratch. You can literally use the same method for other dj software out there including the latest Serato SL3, Traktor pro or Virtual DJ. So how did I do it? Read on.

A brand new Serato Scratch Live SL1 dj package cost at least $549; making it one of the most expensive dj tools in the industry.  Of all the seven items in the Rane SSL package, what you actually pay for is SL USB [sound card box] interface in the list #2 below. You can get or make  copies of the other six items in the package. So that gives you the advantage of preserving the original copies that came with the package.


  1. Scratch Live Software installation CD – [can be downloaded free from Serato]
  2. SL1 USB hardware interface box - [use a separate case to protect this like a egg during usage]
  3. Two Scratch Live Control Records – [available on Amazon for $10 per piece]
  4. Two Scratch Live Control CDs – [you can burn copies  on a blank cds]
  5. USB cable – [available at your local electronic store or on Amazon]
  6. RCA cables -  [available at your local electronic store or Amazon]
  7. Scratch Live manual - [ free manual download available on Serato site]

You see, some items are available for free and get the connecting cables for next to nothing. And you might not need the “Control Records” after all especially if you are not into spinning vinyl. But if you do vinyl, $20 total for separate records would worth the price. And most importantly, you really need to protect the black box, SL sound interface, from wear and tear. As it is the only item you would be using most of the time with the duplicated items. And put the originals intact in original box for safe-keeping.

If you follow the aforementioned steps, few years from now you should command a good price to resell your dj software on Amazon or eBay.  I sold mine for $515 on Amazon few days ago. The condition was listed as: Very Good, great working condition in original box, no wear, no marks, and looks like new.” No exaggerations pls. :)

I actually sold a Serato SL1 version to buy SL3 box which has better sound quality with added features.  The two version use the same Sctratch Live software version 2.2 and up. And I have taken similar steps to preserve the SL3 kits. Maybe few years from now I would be selling the new SL3close to $699 purchase price.

So you have seen how you can buy, use,  flip,  and get any latest dj tool without worrying too much about how you can afford the next big tools out there. Besides, you can get still get them cheap used or new on online.

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