Ernest Kebreau (aka MC Euneek) is the Maestro Beats' Managing Partner & Master of Ceremonies. Euneek has been in the music business for several years as a very talented MC, performing artist and events manager. Raised in Brooklyn, Euneek is one of the most multitalented artists and MCs in NYC. As a performer, songwriter, music producer, community leader, and a humanitarian, he best illustrates the creator and innovator of new & classic genres encompassing a blend of music from around the globe. 

His approach to success is ambitious with determination while being proud of his parent caribbean roots and New York background. Euneek has done well independently with his various productions and talents management as well various sets with DJ SM on several events (private & public) in and around New York. 

After receiving numbers of recognition and awards for his long time service in New York as a community organizer (programs for youth, senior citizen activities etc.) and entertainment, he continues to work with a number of the elected officials, musicians and artists on various projects that affects their communities and recreational activities. He is also a sole manager for R&B new act, Sheimyrah Mighty. You can connect with him on Facebook




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