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Maestro Beats is a New York based music provider, DJs and entertainment services. The "Maestro Beats" simply epitomize professionalism, experienced, great genres, and transcending music repertoire for various events and demography. Serving New York and the surrounding areas, Maestro Beats entertainment offers music and skilled DJ service for all types of occassions big or small.  Our talents are experienced, reliable, and above all, professional.  Our unobtrusive performing style and polished approach to performance makes us suited for events of all types. 

Our venture specializes in enhancing themed events, as well as performing for diverse, multicultural audiences.  Whatever your music needs, Maestro Beats Entertainment will provide tunes that are perfectly suited to your event, appropriate for your audience, and that creates an atmosphere that is fun and enjoyable to everyone in attendance.

Seyi (aka DJ SM) is the Maestro Beats' Director & Principal DJ. There are few DJs who can be regarded as very versatile, advanced and vast in their music collections; DJ SM is one of those few. In fact one of his favorite saying is: “If it sounds good, I’m into it.” However his music selections and seamless mixes depend on a given event. He plays global top-40 dance rhythms, mainstream pop, Afrobeats, Latin, reggae, house, classic soul, soft rock, Afrobpop, hip-hop/RnB, smooth jazz and more. DJ SM, originally hailed from Nigeria and has been a New Yorker for more than ten years, started out as a professional DJ in the 90s doing private parties and clubs events in Africa’s most populous city of Lagos, before relocating to United States.

Until 2013, he is a residence DJ at Sheraton's Illusions Nightclub NJ; concurrently and over the years, DJ SM have had great opportunities to play at some top NYC's nightclubs, lounges, hotels and private events in & out of New York; the venues he had rocked includes, but not limited, to Katra, Lesouk, Iguana, 40/40, Taj, Webster Hall, Red Rooster, Pranna, Courtyard Inn, Zebolon, Laguardia plaza, Katano, Pierre, Chatwal, Elysee, St. Mark NYC, Five Spot to name a few. 

Most of his clients are repeat customers as well as sub-contract works from booking agents and partner DJ companies. Seyi's versatility, vast and diverse music catalogs are some of the qualities that make him light years ahead of all the other disc jockeys.  DJ SM and his entertainment team have been serving New York tristate areas for over ten years. 

DJ SM is also renowned for being instrumental in making African music a staple of New York Nighlife and he organizes special events specifically for that  by founding  African Soul Jam, an African dance party events in New York City, which is an offshoot of Maestro beats Entertainment. And pls signup for his soon to be launched ASJRadio.

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